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Hey there!

I just got to play your game during my last game stream!

It was a nice fun experience!

Keep it up, cant wait for your next one!

The game was so good and included it here. xD

Jump scare really got me! Great game!

Good job

My playthrough attempt lol

This game was spooky and got me really badly I hurt my arm! I played through the game on my YouTube channel if you wanna watch it before downloading. And maybe subscribe to me if you want!

i broke it. woo! 

Delivering pizza in Silent Hil

I really enjoyed this games, skeleton gave me a good Jumpscare.

Great game.  Biggest Jump scare Of 2023 

Loved it!

Played this with my son about 8 months ago, and we both enjoyed it.  I got scared on some parts. 

Прикольненько)) скример топ!

What a terrible excuse for a game

Fun and scary game, liked it a lot!

I did it! Got horribly spooked. It was good though and i plan to play your others mate. Keep at it!

also vidya.

short and sweet

this was corny and a lot of fun :)

I swear I know this game from my childhood! It was so interesting to return to (mostly because I couldnt remember anything but the strange feeling of deja vu)

wow not bad for youre first game dude!!!

love it thank you :):):)

Hey, I really wanted to play your game but I was really bummed out to find out that the download has been suspended.

Do you have any idea as to why and whether you'll be able to get it back?

If not, that really sucks, but I still hope that this won't discourage you from making more games. I will keep following you and try to play anything new you create and I'm sure many others will, too.

Best of luck to all of your future endeavors. :]

thanks for the nice comment

i will make a video about the pizza freak situation

and the next game is right round the corner:)


This game definitely has potential, I can feel it in my bones. Also, pizza delivery is hell, can't recommend it. Attached another cringe lets play to add to the collection

Thanks soo much for Playing I hope you´ll enjoy my future projects as well:)

Deleted post

Thanks for playing the Game:)

What a RIDE. The beginning movie sequence was a lil weird...and the actual pizza delivery was a lil tough. I DID enjoy myself throughout this silly game. THE SCREAMING AT THE END LOL

Thanks for the feedback and the Video:)

That jumpscare bro... Trying to give me a heart attack?! Oh, also good game for a short trip like this :) 


Thanks for Playing I hope you´ll enjoy my future projects as well:)

erm...what the scallop!


I dont play horror games because of jumpscares, but MY GOD, this shit rocked! Well done, looking forward to seeing more of the games you put out! 

Thank you sooo much:)

What a game lmao made me jump so I'll give ya that. Well done!


Thanks for Playing man cool Video:)

Thank you! And also thanks for replying and watching <3

Hello, I'm Nagasari Ferrea and I'm a Malaysian VTuber. May I stream this game on YouTube and suggest it to my fellow VTuber friends?


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I'm going on a diet after eating too much freaky pizza from this - love it!


Thanks for playing the Game:))

Played at 17:32. Had fun with this one, the jumpscare really got me haha.

The bit after the delivery got a bit repetitive, alot of empty space but in general I enjoyed :) well done.

Check out my video :)

Thanks for playing the Game:D

I'm never eating pizza again! 

Deleted 1 year ago

Thanks for playing the Game and the Video:):)


Thanks for playing the Game:)




This game was mad cool, props to the creators 

Thanks for playing the Game and the Video:)

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Np :D I really enjoy games like this one

Game made me rethink being a pizza delivery boyy lol

Thanks for playing the game:)

While the game isn't perfect (texture missing, animation and sounds glitches, confusing tasks) this is a step in right direction. So if the developer is willing to continue  to work on this project that would be great! Fear Level 7.5/10


Thanks for Playing  and the feedback I hope you´ll enjoy my future projects as well!

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